Helping You Find Success and Joy in Your Homeschool Journey.


I’m Graceann! With a  Masters in Education focused on Instructional Design and Technology and teaching  in public schools before having children (4) whom I homeschool. I am passionate about children, education and homeschooling!

I  have learned so much and  found ways to make homeschooling a simple, beautiful part of your home life.  No matter where you are on your homeschool journey we can learn and grow together.  



Do you feel the call to homeschool and don't know where to start?


Have you made to leap into homeschool?


Do you feel overwhelmed by homeschooling?


Are you feeling unexperienced & like you don't know how or what to teach?


Are you worried about having time for yourself?

What Is Homeschool Mentoring?

Homeschool mentoring is your chance to have me one-on-one though your homeschool year.   

When I started out homeschooling, I thought I knew what I was doing. However, with a Masters degree in Education it still seemed daunting to be responsible for my OWN children’s education. Through trial and error in my own homeschooling experience my understanding of EDUCATION has grown. I have spent hundreds of hours researching, learning and applying that knowledge in my home . My children are thriving, we love being together and learning together 

Who is Mentoring For? 

If you feel the pull to homeschool your children  but hear yourself saying things like: 

“I have no idea where to start?” 

“What if they don’t learn?”

“How do I teach them?”

Or any self talk like this then homeschool mentoring is for you! You need to listen to those mothering instincts. I will hold your hand as you take on homeschooling. You will have me right there with you every step of the way guiding you, making sure your children are learning and teaching you the skills to be successful as a homeschool mom. 


Goal Setting

Planning for the year while accounting for the cognitive development of your children.

Teaching Tools

Learn teaching tools that you can apply immediately!


Stress Management

I will give you the skills you need to purposefully homeschool your children without the stress.


Answer Homeschool Questions

I get asked questions ALL THE TIME about homeschooling! In my Intro to Homeschool Course I will answer all the questions I constantly get asked!


Intro to HOmeschool Course

This is an amazing course covering 8 topics and answering the questions I get asked the most by new and old homeschool moms! 

Private Call with Graceann

Sign up for a personal 30 minute mentoring call with Graceann. I will help you troubleshoot stumbling blocks and answer any questions you have about homeschooling, development, teaching, curriculums, planning, etc…

Personal Homeschool Mentor

I will be your personal homeschool guru this year as you begin your homeschool journey! We will have 5 months of mentoring time together. You will have access to the Intro to Homeschool Course, we will have private weekly 30 minute calls and access to me through Voxer (a communication app).


is the oldest of 8 children and has wanted to be a teacher from a young age. This young love of teaching drove her to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education from BYU and then a Masters in Education from Texas A&M. She is passionate about homeschooling because of her experiences in the classroom.

There is no better place to teach children then in the home, which is why she wants to make that easier for everyone to do. Although her life is busy with four young children, seeing them engage with, explore and learn about the world around them is one of her greatest joys! Graceann is a co-founder of Seek Learning Home and creator of Christlike Attributes Character Study. She has been married for 9 years and lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband and nearly 5 children.

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