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Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Child’s Education, But  Don’t Feel Able to Homeschool?

You are the teacher God wanted for these children He has sent to you. you have a stewardship over them  to love and nurture their bodies , minds and spirits.  If you have gotten the urge to homeschool I will help you succeed! It can be more beautiful and rewarding then you could ever imagine!

My Approach

My understanding of education has developed and changed so much through my undergraduate and graduate work but especially since I started homeschooling. I have learned what a true education looks like. What fostering a desire to learn can do for a child. How to create independent learners. How to have the slow gentle rhythm in your day. How to teach your children without knowing everything! I am so excited to be able to share my passion and approach with you!

How Do I know If the

Intro to Homeschool Course is Right For Me?

If you are invested in your Childrens educations and want to take the next step in making your homeschool magical and successful  this is for you!

We will be covering 8 topics the next 8 weeks!

Each of these topics touches on questions I am constantly asked  about homeschooling and what I have learned in my education and experience. When we finish you will have been able to ask me any questions you have and gotten professional advice to apply to your homeschool!

Reasons to Homeschool
We will be talking about overcoming doubts, creating a learning environment, the current school system, benefits for your children and much more!
Homeschool is Not School
In this module we will talk about how homeschool is different from the traditional school system. You will learn how to create the optimum learning environment for your children
Childhood Development
This week you will learn what is developmentally appropriate for you to expect from your children. I’ll teach you the secrets teachers know!
For anything you do to be successful you have to have a vision and goals. This week we will learn about homeschool rhythm, teaching values and establishing a daily rhythm.
Teaching Skills
I’m going to get nerdy on you this week as we talk about teaching multiple ages, accountability, time management, types of assessment, stages of development and types of learning.
Researching Curriculum & Resources
There are SO MANY OPTIONS when it comes to resources! I will teach you about some theorists and point you in the direction you have for your vision of homeschooling. You will get ideas of what resources are available and how to find the answers you need!
Your Role
You obviously play a major role in homeschooling your children but let’s be honest, this is about them. Let me guide you in understanding your role in this beautiful process and how to create learners.
Fulfilling your Needs
Last but not least we will talk about YOU! You need to be fulfilled too! We will talk about creating a family culture that allows you what you need to be a happy mama and human!

What to Do Now

Commit to Your Children's Education

How committed are you to your child’s education? You need to decide if it is a priority and what is the best environment and situation for your children.

Take Initiative

 Take a step in the right direction on your homeschool journey! Sign up for the course!

If you feel you need more direction take advantage of 1-1 mentoring time!

Reach Your Goals

My goal is to help you be a rockstar homeschool mom! Before you know it you will have the tools to be successful and wonder why you were ever worried about homeschooling!

Virtual Intro to Homeschool Course Available 11/1/2020

Virtual (lifetime) access to the 8 Lectures in the Intro to Homeschool Course. You can watch them anytime and as many times as you like! You will also have access to an exclusive Facebook Group for my students only. (Courses 

This does NOT include the live weekly Q&A for 8 weeks

30 min Private Mentoring Call

If you have a quick question or something that we can solve in one call this is for you! We will have a private 30 min mentoring call.  I will help you personally trouble shoot and answer any questions you have!

4 Week – Private Weekly Mentoring Call

If you want more one-one time this is my 4 week private mentoring option. We will have a 60 min mentoring call every week for a month.  I will help you personally trouble shoot and answer any questions you have.

5 Month Private Mentoring

  • I will be your personal homeschool consultant for the next 5 months!
  • You will have (lifetime) access to the Intro to Homeschool Course.
  • We will have weekly 60 min mentoring calls
  • I will help you plan your school year and trouble shoot along the way.
  • You will be mentored by a REAL teacher with a Masters in Education! You will be able to forward confidently, knowing that your children are learning what they need to be. You will have learned the teaching skills necessary to  teach the different subjects areas and ages.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group for my students only.

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I'm Graceann Oswald! I want to help you be successful and find joy in your homeschool journey!

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