Well it happened. My baby turned “The Big One”



He woke up smiling and seemed to know that it was his special day. I had been talking about it for weeks and of course he understands so he defiantly knew. 



Birthday Festival

Our Birthday Festival starts out with a big birthday breakfast (usually waffles or the favorite breakfast of the child) we had waffles covered in berries, peaches and the amazing Kodiak Berry Syrup from Costco! (if you haven’t tried it, borrow a friends Costco card and go get some!) The candle blowing out needs some more practice, he just really wanted to touch it. We told the story of his birth and talked about how important he is in our family and how grateful he came to us. 


mom kissing babySMXLL

 Tribute to Little One

Truly he was heaven sent. All my children have been so wonderful and so very different! This little boy has brought pure joy. He is so happy, healthy, good natured, self entertaining (or I guess he is just entertained by his older siblings), an amazing sleeper, cuddly, and actually quite perfect. He has a huge soul in his tiny body! I feel so fortunate to be his mother. He will be a man worth knowing. 

(now back to the birthday)

 The Plan

After breakfast we let little birthday boy catch his morning nap while we got ready for his party! I envisioned a little picnic in the trees at a pretty park by our house where everyone could just sit and relax while we visited and watched him eat his cake. Well reality was that it had been raining for 2 days so the grass was wet and was cold, like you need a down coat cold. So we ended up quickly eating in the pavilion which was not the picnic I had imagined. 

 Decorations- Theme “The Big One”

I did set up his high chair in the trees so we could watch him (while standing) and still feel like we were somewhere green and magical. The Big One was the theme so we had nets and bobbers for decor and little boats in the cupcakes. Fun and easy. 


My darling SIL owns @avabakescakes and she was so awesome and made a cute little smash cake and amazing cupcakes for everyone else! Big Brother was eying his little smash cake!



Birthday boy loved opening his presents! It was so fun watching him! He was only like 4 months old at Christmas so this was the real unwrapping debut! 


 Cake Smash

Then it was time for singing and cake! Remember that down coat weather? We didn’t want anyone to freeze so we moved right along! 

cake smashSMLXL

 At first little one didn’t know what to do. He decided the sprinkles were not ok with him. So he spent some time picking them off. He got a little frosting on his fingers and tried to share it with whoever was standing closest to him. I helped him taste his fingers and even then he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to eat it!

 Cake SmashCake Smash



SMLXLHe finally picked up the cake right off the little tray and tried to share it with daddy! When he set it back down it landed upside down and that’s when the fun began! He was like, “Oh I found the good stuff!” and stuck his little face right into it to take bites! He even picked it up to take bites! It was so fun and being the 3rd child I’m glad he was in the spot light and had the attention of everyone who loves him.

 Cake Smash


Cake Smash


Cake Smash


The After Party

After dessert little one practiced walking and we played at the park til we were too cold! The rest of the day was nap and play filled, just relaxing and perfect.

fisrt steps



 Oh if you are interested in what gifts we gave him- we have decided to make a shift in our gift giving rituals. Usually I am so over the top and just want to spoil them rotten. Well I’ve realized that that really isn’t necessary. We are taking a more minimalistic or moderate approach to gifts from now on. With just a few meaningful things that foster the imagination and stimulate play.


We gave him wonderful natural blocks (from Discount School Supply) , nesting blocks (from Target- they are actually planter boxes..) that I painted, a little wooden truck, and a darling book 1 is One (fitting huh)

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