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You may be thinking that this post is about doing something wrong as a mom. I know you have so much on your plate and some days (lets be hones) MOST DAYS you do not have enough time to get everything done in your busy day as a mom caring for the needs of little ones,

feeding everyone,

cleaning up meals,



checking for brushed teeth,

bathing little ones,

driving in circles to soccer, dance, piano etc,

making beds,

changing diapers,

doing hair (always a challenge here),

wiping up the spills,

grocery shopping,


supporting everyone,

wiping snotty noses,

running the forgotten lunch to school,

reminding your kids to read,

taking out the garbage…


the list of your “mundane” daily tasks goes on and on and seems to ebb and flow as your children grow, some tasks changing, lots staying the same. Yes, (this is true we could all use a clone) the truth is you have so little time. You have so little time with your children while they are yours. In your home where you have the divine privilege to care for them. (I start tearing up every time I think about this) What a blessing it is to be entrusted with these pure spirits straight from heaven

Going through pictures just about puts me over the edge (1st mistake, wink wink). I love that my children are growing and doing so well but heavens could they just slow down a bit?! I’ve been scrapbooking (ok not really just trying) I was shocked by the pictures of Little Miss! She has grown up and changes SO MUCH the past 4 years! How is she 4 years old?! She’s like a little girl now! Looking through pictures really put it into perspective how quickly time goes and how we really just don’t have enough of it. Everyone always says, “It goes so fast!” “You’ll blink and they’ll be grown up!” I always respond by rolling my eyes and saying, “I know, I know..” But more and more I’m realizing how right they really are.

 This was taken June 2013


This was taken October 2017


My Mommy Mistake

I will be the first to admit to getting frustrated and wishing “I didn’t have to do EVERYTHING “. I catch myself wishing Little Miss could pour her own milk, wipe her own bottom or snotty nose, wash her own dish, put her own laundry away, etc. I have come to realize I will never get today back. I have a limited number of times I get to bath and lotion rub my babies. There is a limit on how many times I will get to sit and snuggle my baby to sleep. The days my little boy is interested playing pretend with me wont last forever. Pretty soon Little Miss will be doing her own hair and wont need my help. These tasks should not be “tasks” but OPPORTUNITIES. Please don’t wish away these precious moments that you have. That is really all they are moments. fleeting moments.

This is a challenge to make a deliberate effort to cherish everything on your list of to-do’s.

While I’ve been pondering about having “So Little Time” I’ve thought of a new list of things that I am going to try to do or stop doing:


Hold my children everyday, look into their eyes and tell them how much I love them


Refrain from ‘crying over spilt milk’ or getting frustrated with messes


Only point out the good things my children do- sing their praises


Leave the cleaning, laundry, and all other unnecessary distractions until my children are sleeping


Play pretend


Teach and discipline how the Savior would, with them on my knee and my arm around them


Stop worrying about others opinions.

This just takes my focus from the most important things in the world to me, my children


Be satisfied if all I get done during the day is that ‘mundane list’


Stay cheerful- I want my children to think of me as cheerful and happy


Be happy when my husband comes home.

If I am upset he thinks he has to protect me from the children


That is my list. What is on yours?

How are you going to take advantage of the small percentage of that little ones life that you have them in your home. Those small moments add up so quickly, we really have..

So Little Time.

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