Activities for the Book: “Lily Wool” by Paula Vasquez

“Lily Wool is a little lamb with a BIG imagination”

We received Lily Wool in our BookRoo Box this month! If you are unfamiliar with BookRoo you can see my review here and a PROMO CODE for 15% off!!

Book Review for Lily Wool

Lily Wool is a fun unique story about a little lamb who isn’t like the others. She feels different and doesn’t get along with the other sheep. Lily finds a piece of string and he imagination runs wild! She uses it to create, play and invent.

Finger Knitting Activity

This was a huge hit! Please don’t be intimidated by the “knitting”, I was a little nervous to even try this but honestly I could figure it out and I know you can too! had an amazing tutorial that walked us through step by step and made us feel like pros!

Finger Knit Snakes

We started off this activity by reading Lily Wool, I had some yard out that I’d gotten from our craft supplies. I had pinned a few of the Red Ted Art tutorials (they have lots of animals you can make, butterflies, mice, snakes..) So I pulled those up and asked which one we should make. Mr 2 was quick to answer and got really excited about the snakes! We watched the uTube tutorial together (isn’t it funny how mesmerized kids get when they watch tutorial videos?!) and really just followed the directions from there. My 4 year old was able to use her own fingers and I just helped her get started and facilitated from there. My 2 year old used my fingers to hold the string and he did the looping.



They played and played with these snakes and were so proud that they had made them that they wanted to show them to everyone!

Open Discussion Activity

I feel that some of the most meaningful “activities” associated with literature is applying the reading to yourself, so in the case of a mom, helping her child apply it to themselves. This book talks all about being different and celebrating that. After you read the book with your child say, “Did you notice how Lily was different from everyone else?” Maybe list out with them things you noticed. Then at something like, “Isn’t it cool how everyone is different?! No one is the same just like no two snowflakes are not the same (you can elaborate on this or skip it, depending on the age of your child). Everyone looks differently, we all like different things, and people are good at different things.” This can spring board you into a discussion with your child about what things they are good at, what things they want to get better at, what the love about themselves, what the love about others, what they like or don’t like… you can just have a good ‘ole heart to heart with your child! You will be surprised what things you learn!

Weaving Activity

Weaving! This is such a good challenge for those little fingers! All you need for this activity is a paper plate, yarn and scissors! We watched this tutorial from It was really pretty easy for my 4 year old, my 2 year old was surprisingly focused and liked making a bed for this snake (see previous activity)


Yard Ball Activity

yarn ball

A fun activity to use yarn for is to make balls! This activity came from and since it is Fall we decided to make ours into pumpkins too! This is a great activity for fine motor skills as well as sensory! They are getting their hands gluey and feeling the yard! You can also put jingle bells or tiny toys inside the balloons before you blow them up and then when the yarn dries and you pop the balloon the little toy will be stuck inside the yarn ball.

All you need for this activity is yarn, a balloon, and Elmers glue! Here is a link to the tutorial we used.



I hope these activities have given you an idea or a starting place that will lead you on an literacy adventure! I love literacy based learning and play! I really truly think what BookRoo does is fabulous and such a service to us moms! Remember to stop by my Review of BookRoo for a Promo Code of 15% off!

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