Halloween Literacy and Music Activity for:

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Literacy Activity

First off let me say that if the book, “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything” is not a part of your library it is totally worth the $6 that it costs on Amazon Prime! It as a darling story with a brilliant ending that encourages bravery and problem solving. This is an activity to go along with this Halloween story that your children will LOVE and will want to return to OVER AND OVER!

Its super simple!

  1. Read the book with them, gather the instruments that you have or figure out what you could use as instruments (pots and pans, wooden spoons, be creative here) or here is a link to a darling Melissa and Doug Instrument set that we have loved! You will need 6 instruments.
  2. Have you child decide which instrument will be the sound for each article of clothing in the book.
  3. Line the instruments up in order of appearance. If you have multiple children that want to play assign them each instruments that they are in charge of playing. You can rotate who plays what different times you read the book so that everyone has a turn. If you haven’t played with these instruments before make sure to give some ground rules. Demonstrate how to play the instruments and let them know what you expect. Say things like, “The instruments need to hold still and be quite when it isn’t their turn.” For me I would need to tell me two year old boy, “The instruments do not hit or fly. They will have to be put away if they do.” Get the jist?
  4. Read the book and have your children preform!

I recorded a little video of the performance so you can see the instruments we used and get an idea of how it works. You can show this to your little ones to get them excited about the activity!

Video Example

I had no idea my little 4 year old girl would love this so much! Everyone who has been to our house to visit the past week has gotten to experience this music filled literature activity! Don’t delay!


Happy Halloween!

graceann mom

xoxo Graceann


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