Christmas Dilemma

Christmas is literally right around the corner! Shopping for my kids is easy! Sometimes getting gifts for extended family can be a bit challenging but honestly ladies who is the hardest person to shop for?? Your Man. I don’t know about you but my husband never asks for much, maybe some wool socks, a white shirt, some sort of tool… boring, boring, boring… Well have no fear I have the solution to the last minute shopping dilemma of what to get your handsome man! Something practical, sophisticated, that he will use and love everyday! If you give this gift you will be the best wife ever!

Drum Roll

Jord Wooden Watch This is the beautiful Dark Sandal Wood In Burgundy

His Favorite Gift of the Year

Isn’t this watch just to die for?! I was giddy when I gave it to my husband! Your man will be thrilled to have his own unique wood watch that he can dress up, dress down, wear on hot dates with you, or to important business meetings.

Here are my top 5 reasons for giving this to your man

1. He will love showing it off and always getting asked where he got it watch, it will help him to think of you throughout the day

My husband and I text each other on and off throughout the day. Some days its questions like: Where is the insurance card? Have you seen the babies bottle? Did you start the dishwasher? Lots of days we have “I love you MORE” battles. Its just a way that we can show that we are thinking about each other and can’t wait to be together. Well expand those “I love you” texts to something that he will wear on his wrist and look at multiple times a day. That people will comment on and when he is asked about his watch he will think, “Ah I have the best wife (or girlfriend)!”

2. As Functional as it gets- what is more functional and practical then a watch?!

Honestly, everyone can use a beautiful wooden watch! When you give it to him he wont be able to remind you that he didn’t want anything because its not outlandish or over the top. It’s a watch.

 Jord Watch

3. It will help him be home on time 🙂

As a mother of 3 little children I am like counting down the seconds til my husband gets home after school/work! Those witching hours are serious business. So giving this gift will help him to keep track of the time and remember to be home before you turn into a pumpkin (or a monster..)

4. A Staple Accessory

Ladies who doesn’t love getting earrings or a beautiful necklace! Having those little accessories can pull together our outfit and make us sparkle! Men deserve the finishing touch to their ensemble too! They need to feel put together and handsome!

5. I have 25% off for you!

Until December 15th use this link 25% OFF Your time piece will get there in time to be a Christmas surprise!

Here are links so you can browse:

 Men’s Time Pieces

Women’s Time Pieces  {Treat Yourself}

or the Time Piece I chose for my Handsome

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Merry Christmas! And Happy Shopping!

graceann mom

xoxo Graceann


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