Activities for the Book: “Edward Built a Rocketship”

Edward Built a Rocketship by Michael Rack, came in the mail to us in our BookRoo Box this month! Haven’t heard of BookRoo? Heavens… check out my Review of BookRoo and I’ll fill you in! You will also find a 15% off Promo Code on my review!

Book Review for Edward Built a Rocketship

I love the imagination and creativity that this book fosters! Edward decides to build a rocketship and is soon flying through space, meeting aliens, exploring the planets, and getting home via parachute made from his moms bedsheets!

Rocketship Creation

Obviously after reading about building a rocketship you have to make one! We used the idea from to make Toilet Paper Roll Rocket Ships! It was s really fun easy activity and these little rocketships were used to pieces! I think they crash landed a few too many times!

Toilet paper rocket


Rocketship Collage Craft


Crafts with tinfoil- that will always capture children’s attention! We got this great idea from¬†¬† We went to see the eclipse a few weeks ago so our collages ended up being eclipse based- I love that they applied their life experience to our activity! Your kids may have life experiences that you could help them relate to!

This was a great craft! Fine motor skills were used by cutting, gluing, tracing! Their imaginations went wild as they created their collage of SPACE! we used these Quick Stix that I found on Amazon- they worked awesome on the black paper!

Space Collage


Solar System Activity

There is so much to learn about the solar system! If your little one is interested in space a great way to foster that excitement is to introduce them to our solar system. I had a book about space similar to the one below- if you have any books about the Earth or space just see if they have a diagram of the solar system!

We used these three part cards to line up the plants in the right order and learn the names, we played the matching game and practiced writing “Earth”.

Solar System


Those were the fun things we did as we read Edward Built a Rocketship but don’t let that hold you back! Remember- the skies the limit!

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