Homeschool, or as I like to call it, Home Based Learning, is a new adventure for me! I taught in public schools before I became a mom. Some of these books I used in teaching in the classroom and some I have read with homeschool in mind. Regardless all these books focus on children, how they learn, how to teach, their development etc.
I am an Amazon-Aholic (they need a recovery group, maybe I should start one??) I have linked these books to Amazon so you can check them out there. Prime baby, that’s how I survive having 3 kids.
This list is ever growing and I’m always trying to improve myself and learn how to be the best mom, mentor, teacher, defender, gatekeeper, and spiritual guide that I can be.
books to guide homeschool

Homeschool How To’s

Teaching from Rest

Wonderful for the homeschooling mom or the stressed out what do I do mom. So basically anyone.

Theorists or Influences

Free to Learn

This book has helped shape my philosophy. Every page. It helped me realize how important play is and allowing children to use their instincts to learn freely.

The Last Child in the Woods

OK Please read this book! Please! And then tell me what you think! It’s so deep and so important for these children who are immersed in technology. It will change you.


Waldorf Influence

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

If you are new to the Waldorf way of thinking this book is a great one to start with. It gives really good insight to how to handle your interactions with you children in a loving way.

Heaven on Earth

This book gives step by step instructions on creating a loving Waldorf environment for you children in your home. It takes it from the classroom perspective and gears it towards parents. My favorite part was the discussion of “festivals”!

Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason Topics (Book 1) Habits

Shout out to Kindle! I love having hard copies of my books! Honestly though having quick access to the books I’m reading is AMAZING!! If you haven’t you should try KindleUnlimited and see how it changes your life!



Teaching Science, Tech, Engineering, Math

Teaching Stem in the Early Years

This book. Seriously if you are interested in doing fun meaningful activities with your kids. Get. This. It is written for the classroom- we have adapted it to our ages and home based learning. SO GOOD.
P.S. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics so they are activities that integrate all those areas are BAM your kid is a genius. (get the picture)

Teaching Literacy

The Book Whisperer

This book is WONDERFUL! It teaches you how to help your children learn to LOVE reading! Like it says, “Awaken the inner reader in every child”

How to Teach Self Management/Behavioral Skills

Use Your Words

This book helps you learn “teacher talk” how to get children to talk rather then hit, push, scream, cry, throw things, etc. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to be a child and not have people understand what you want and when you want it. Children need to be reminded to “use your words” so they remember to express them selves by speaking rather then acting out.

The Whole Brain Child

 I love this book! It gives a different perspective of how children’s brains work and how to cultivate that as a parent or teacher.

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk

Gives you the tools to know how and when to talk to your kids. Its important to learn how to be a good listener as a parent.

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