BookRoo Review

Have you heard of BookRoo? They have recently been featured in Parents Magazine so you know they are amazing! We are all about all things books, literacy, reading, at this house.

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Books are so Important!

Remember the study done at University of Reno not too long ago? Well in a nut shell: having books in the home has a greater effect on the level of education children attain, then does the parents education. So want your children to go to school and succeed? Have a library of 500+ books in your home. Here is the link if you want to read more about the study.

BookRoo Box

Delivered to Your Door


Ok so here is an amazing way to grow that library! We received this beautiful package in the mail (my kids could not wait to open it!) There were two hardcover books that were gift wrapped for the kids to unwrap (Christmas for my kids!) And the best part is… (drum roll…) we have LOVED the books! In fact we’ve read them so many times I started planning activities around them!

Mom Reading to Children


Past Book Boxes

These are books that we have received in our BookRoo boxes. If you are sad you missed out on this books and want them for your collection (they are good ones!) anyway, here are the links where you can get them on Amazon. Oh and the link to the post where I share the activities we did for each book!


Activities for the Book: “The Snatchabook”


“Monster and Son” Book Activities

Activities for the Book: “Lily Wool”


Activities for the Book: “Edward Built a Rocketship”


Promo Code Details 

Since you can now see how AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL it would be to get a darling blue BookRoo box with gift wrapped books delivered to your door every month. How EASY it is to add to your families library. How EXCITED your kids will be that they will ask you every day if it is BookRoo Day- I have a code to get you 15% off!  Go to decide if the Board Book Box or the Picture Book Box is best for you and enter code: CREATINGHH and bingo your month is just about to get more exciting and filled with literacy delivered right to your door! xoxo

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