Poppy Louise is the bravest girl her sister Petunia knows! She doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything! Until one day Petunia is surprised when she finds something that makes her sister scared. Your little ones will love seeing themselves in parts of Poppy and seeing the human side of her that gets scared opens the door so conversation that it is ok to be scared sometimes.

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Brave Journal

Start a Brave Journal with your little ones! Get some 3 x 5 cards ang punch a hole in one end of the cards. Put a ribbon or ring through the hole and instantly you have a little journal! Have your child write Brave Moments on the front and draw a picture of them being brave! Then each day before bed have them think back through the day of a moment where they were brave. It can be as simple as trying a new food or wearing an outfit they didn’t want to wear. Have them document (you can help if needed) on the next card in their book by writing a simple sentence and drawing a picture. If they tried a bite of fish have them write something like “ate fish” and draw a picture of a fish. You can go through the journal and celebrate new things they have tried and the things the have been brave and done!

Emotion Drawings

There are a couple options for this activity! My friends at BusyLittles have a super awesome Busy Bag that has all different emotions and faces that the little ones get to draw with dry erase markers on laminated faces. My kids have LOVED it! If you are interested the link to the Etsy shop is here. If you don’t want to wait for that to come in the mail print this face out, you can print multiple copies or laminate it and use a dry erase marker to draw the emotion on the faces. Give an emotion, maybe make the face of the emotion yourself so that they have a reference and let them do their best to draw it! You can talk about times when you or your little ones have felt these emotions!

Faces to Draw Emotions


Go on a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Get some clipboards and the SCAVENGER HUNT SHEET and take a walk around your neighborhood looking for creepy crawlies and other things that may seem a little scary. Talk about being brave like Poppy as you hunt for the things on the list!

Bug Scavenger Hunt


xoxo Graceann

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