This sweet book is a “Daddy’s Love Song”. This daddy takes his little one through the land of make believe and all the little ones favorite things as he tells his child of his love for them.

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Write a Love Letter To Daddy

This is the perfect book for Father’s Day!

Get out the crayons, paper, glitter, glue, feathers, markers, whatever they need to make a beautiful unique masterpiece for their daddy! Prompt them that they could make a picture of something they like doing with daddy but let them be creative and artistic. Save a space to write a little note to daddy. Be the scribe as your little ones tells you what they want to tell their daddy. Make a plan for a special time when they can give their creation to their daddy. Maybe on Father’s Day or when they get home from work!

Act Out the Story

As you read through the book follow the father and child on their journey acting out the scenes as you go! You can spend as much time on each one as you want! There is no rush! Let your child be the guide. Wait until they come back to the book and are ready to move along.

If you have a dress up box pull it out and get dressed up for your adventure through the book!

Talk About Favorite Things to Do With Daddy

Make a list of all your favorite things to do with daddy! Then write a bucket list of all the things you want to do with daddy! Post the lists where they will be easily seen as a reminder and idea board for things to do when daddy has time or comes home early! It’s so hard to be spontaneous sometimes but if you have a list of things that your child likes to do or things that you want to do then you just pick something and go! Take advantage of the time you have together as a family. Skip nap time and make some memories!

Set up a Daddy Date

My daughter is constantly trying to turn any minute we are alone together into a Mommy-Daughter Date. Its really fun and sweet! I know daddies are busy but have them schedule a time when they can take your children out one-on-one on a little date! It can be a simple as going to the library and reading books together or going to McDonalds for an ice cream cone. It doesn’t have to be long, involved or expensive. Your child will love the attention and time together! Even 45 minutes can make a HUGE impact on your child! It may be something that you want to incorporate into your regular routine once or twice a month 🙂

When we lived in Dallas, Texas we were right down the street from al little donut shop. Almost every Saturday my husband and daughter would walk down and pick up donuts for us for breakfast. It was simple and easy but she loved it! It was something special that they did together! My husband is now in Medical School where a schedule and free time are hard to come by. We can’t have a regular routine in place but we do find ways to make special moments, working in the yard, meeting daddy for a lunch date at the park, or retold fairy tales with bedtime snuggles. My point is no matter what your situation is you can make it happen. Your children will remember. They will remember those quiet moments where you were focused on them and cherish them forever. That is how you truly show love.



xoxo Graceann

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