Harold a parrot who is excellent at copying every noise in apartment 4B is on the lookout to find new noises. He takes to the street in the heart of Paris discovering many new sounds, making new friends and finding his own voice!

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Sound Discovery

Harold knows all the sounds in his apartment! Have you taken time to really listen to what the dishwasher, vacuum, shower, fridge, fan, blow dryer… all those household appliances and objects in your home and what they REALLY sound like? Go on a sound hunt with your little ones, turn on the dryer and try to mimic the sound! Take a tour of your house trying all the sounds! Then play a guessing game where you make the sound and the other guesses which object it is!

Make Your Own Band

If you did the Sound Discovery activity this can go right along with it and if not just pick up right here! Go around your house gathering all different pots, containers, toys, boxes, metal, plastic, glass and go through them all seeing what they sound like as you tap them with a wooden spoon vs a metal spoon. what they sound like with water inside. You’ll have a plethora of instruments! Add beans to a metal bucket and stir them around or shake beads in a glass with your hand covering the lid. really be creative with what you have! decide what each of your favorite instruments are a make a band! Banging, shaking, tapping, stirring, Play along with songs you both know or make up your own! Make sure to record your masterpieces to show daddy when he comes home or to send to grandma! Your child will love having an audience!

This is such a great activity because it really teaches them about sound! The different pitches the different sizes make, the way it changes as you add water, and the sounds of different materials! Let them explore, get messy and learn!

Parrot Handprint Painting

source unknown

I this the cutest little Parrot you have ever seen?! I know at first glance you’re like “Um no thanks. That involves paint and mess and no thanks.” Hear me out! It really isn’t that bad and you get to have this little keep sake of their hand and foot prints! Just set them up on the counter by the sink and as soon as you stamp wash! One tip I have is after applying the paint or dipping their hand into it do a print on another piece of paper first to get the blotchy goopy -way too much paint print out of the way. The second stamp will be WAY better! Trust me!


  • White Construction Paper
  • Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue Washable or Acrylic Paint
  • Googly Eye
  • Orange paper for the beak
  • Scissors
  • Green and brown paper for the branch
  • Glue

Guess This Sound Game

Have you ever played this game with your kids?! Its pretty self explanatory, the title gives it away! My kids LOVE it! It’s such a great game for when you are “waiting” like at the Dr’s for 45 min trying not to get sicker, at a restaurant, at an airport, in a long car ride, you know those places where you need your little ones to be quiet and sit still (in my dreams)! Add this to your Mommy Toolbox and bam you may save your sanity the next time you go in for a routine check up with all three of you kids!

YouTube has so many videos that are “Guess this Sound” there are also apps you can download! I have put a few videos here so you have an idea of what to look for and can start playing RIGHT NOW! You can take turns guessing, or just see who can be the first to guess!


xoxo Graceann

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