You are NOT alone if you have ever worried about what to get someone for their birthday. Bear’s birthday party is coming up and squirrel works hard to come up with “the best” birthday present. See what he gives him and how bear uses it as multiple things! This book will engage your child’s creativity and imagination! The next time they see a stick it will have new amazing possibilities!

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Discussion: Why was the stick Bears favorite gift?

Ask this question to your child and see what they got out of the story. You can flip back through the book and look at all the ways he used it! Talk about how cool the other presents seemed but how little bear really used them compared to the “stick” that could be anything he could imagine!

Turn on your imagination and play pretend with your child! See what creative ideas they have as you enter the land of make believe with them.


Practice Wrapping




Get out the wrapping paper and teach your little one how to properly wrap a present. Once you have demonstrated let them take a shot at it and see what they are able to do.

This will be a great fine motor and life skill activity! Its just practice so remember it doesn’t have to be prefect or how you would do it. Give praise and positive feedback.


Go Find Your “Perfect” Stick & Pretend

With your child take a walk around your neighborhood or go on an outing to a park with trees and go on a hunt for the perfect stick! Each of you find one that is just right for you and play pretend just like bear and squirrel. You can get ideas of what to do with your stick from the book if you need somewhere to start but really delve into your inner child and model for them how to imagine and play. Imagination is not something that is inherit. Yes, children are amazing at it but it must be modeled, the doors or imagination must be opened for your child and who better to do it then you.

Weaving with Stick Loom


Help your child to create a beautiful loom made from sticks that are roughly the same size. Tie string across and then weave ribbons, leaves, strips of fabric through the loom! This is an amazing fine motor skill and will take some practice. You can give them different colors of ribbons or fabric strips and they can make a pattern! Show them how to go over and then under each string.



xoxo Graceann

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