The Wish Tree

Boggin and Charles set out on a mighty adventure to find a wish tree. Along the way the stop to help animals move hazelnuts to their home or carry logs to their lodge. The animals help him in return as the day comes to an end. See if Charles and boggin find their wish tree before the day is over!

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Making Animal Tracks

Throughout the book as Charles and Boggin are helping different animals you will see their tracks in the snow and the tracks of Boggin as he “Whishhhhh’s” through the book. Gather your animals to see what tracks they make.

Animal Tracks



In a container mix together the flour and baby oil

Pat it or roll it out to lay it flat and smooth

Set out your animals and show your little ones how to gently tap their paw on the sand to make a print. The moon sand holds its shape so that you can see the tracks really well! Try all different animals and discuss the difference in their tracks. See what you can find that will make a track like Boggin!

Moon Sand Tracks

If you have snow in your neck of the world put on your boots and go make your own tracks outside!

Act Out the Story

As you read the story stop with each animal he helps and pretend to be that animal, acting out the friends Charles and Boggin meet and help along the way. Your kids will love pretending to be a bear, beaver, fox… Make the sounds the animals would make! Really get into it Spark your child imagination! As they see you flying around the room like an owl it will show them that its cool and they will see how fun it is to imagine!

Discuss a Way You Can Serve

Besides the beautiful illustrations and original story this book offers my favorite part is the theme of service! Even though Charles has a goal in mind and he is trying to find the wish tree he isn’t too busy to help those on need. He stops and serves all he meets.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to point this out to your little one. Discuss that Charles stops what he is doing to help others and in the end he has made lots of friends that help him.

Brainstorm together ideas of people you can serve and things you can do to serve them. Then FOLLOW THROUGH AND DO IT WITH YOUR CHILD! Help them be successful and feel the joy in serving others!

Beyond this discussion, as you and your child come across opportunities to serve point them out and say something like “lets be like Charles and Boggin and help”


I hope your day is a beautiful winter wonderland with Charles and Boggin!

xoxo Graceann

graceann mom


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