Do you have little ones that resist getting their hair cut? Wally, a hilarious little lamb, is in desperate need of a hair cut but absolutely refuses until he becomes trapped and has to cut his hair to get out! This story has a good message of overcoming your fears and trying new things! Wally has some help along the way from the other animals as they dance and laugh together!

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Discussion: Facing Your Fears

Is your little one afraid of getting their hair cut? You know them better then anyone, think of what really concerns them, what makes them nervous. My little boy is sacred of being alone. This is probably because he is three, a middle child and all three of my kids share a room.. So is it very rare that he is actually alone. Take a minute after reading “Wally Does Not Want a Hair Cut” and talk to them about their fear. Reassure them but also be empathetic and understanding. Make a plan of how they can try something new or overcome their concerns. 

Important to Note:

Children have a very hard time differentiating between the feeling of fear or anxiety and excitement. They invoke the same flight or flight response releasing the same hormones! You can talk to your child about their fears and discuss if they were feeling excitement or fear. Explain that sometime when you get an anxious feeling it may just be that you are excited! It’s good to try new things as long as you are safe.


 Visit a Local Farm

This is the time of year when sheep are getting sheared! Check out local farms and see if they have any sheep or will be shearing their sheep at a time when you could come watch! We went to Farm Days at Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake City, Utah and saw the lambs and sheep shearing! It was so cool! We learned all about wool and why they shear sheep! It’s mostly because of the weight on the sheep. What they shear off typically weights about 15-20 lbs! Anyway it was a neat experience and my kids were glued there watching! See what you can find in your area!

Crazy Hair Day

Be the coolest mom ever and have a crazy hair day! Do your own hair (or let your kids do it) and get out the gel and bobby pins and get creative with your kids hair do’s? Make sure you are laughing and talking in a silly accent (everything is funnier in an accent)! You can get inspiration from the farm yard animals in the book 🙂


Silly Dance Party

Turn on the barn yard boogie and get creative with your dance moves! You can have a dance contest with your little ones, showing off your best moves. Or use your imagination and dance like a horse, pig, bull, goat, cow, donkey and yak would dance! Before you know it you all (I say that because literally all 4 of us!) will be rolling on the ground laughing yourself silly!


Practice Cutting

Does anyone else’s kids have a sixth sense that allows them to find the scissors no matter were you have hidden them?! I mean like the top of the fridge, my sock drawer, the top of the books shelf?! Seriously, kids love scissors. I think its because they are in a sense “forbidden”. Well it will rock your kids world to give them a paper and scissors and let them at it! I recommend children safe scissors, you know little ones that will fit their fingers. Then just get a blank sheet of paper and draw some lines on it, squiggly lines, straight lines, waves lines… and let them cut, cut, cut! This is purely for fun so if they are able to even figure out how to hold the scissors and make them work that is a win! Don’t stress them out about cutting on the lines, it really is fine if they don’t! 

Make sure to give a little lesson on your expectations, and how we use scissors. teach them how to hold them when they are walking (point down), and stress that we NEVER cut our own hair, our friends hair, our siblings hair, cloths etc,. the only thing we can cut is PAPER, after we have asked mom if its ok!

xoxo Graceann

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