Snowman Shuffle

What a fun story for winter! My little ones loved this fun story! It will get you moving and grooving with your little one! Get ready for your winter to get really exciting even if there isn’t snow to make a snowman outside.

If you missed out on this book from BookRoo here is the link to get it on Amazon: Snowman Shuffle. Wondering what on Earth BookRoo is? Check out my Review of this amazing book box! Use code CREATINGHH for 15% off!


Fine Motor/Gross Motor- Snowman Puppets

Puppets are such a good way for children to get involved in a story. I mean what is more fun then making your snowman puppet dance around as you do the snowman shuffle? The cutest easiest snowman puppets I found to make are from Live Craft Love. They are easy enough for your toddler to help you make if you have it prepped! And then they can toddle around the house with their new friend that they made.


Fine Motor/Cause and Effect- Snowman Blocks

What toddler do you know that doesn’t love blocks?! Mine have mostly liked knocking down towers that I build over and over… If your child is anything like mine they will love the thrill of building their three block snowman and “helping” him melt! This was my little mans favorite!

Materials needed:


Twin Dragon Fly Designs gives an easy to follow tutorial on her blog! Here is the link! Happy snowman building!

Fine Motor- Build a Snowman in a Bottle

If you do any of the activities do this one! It kept my kids busy for more then 5 minutes. which is saying something!

Fine Motor Snowman


I looked for a bottle that was clear and shaped like a snowman and the Pom Juice bottle was the closest I could find! It worked perfectly!

First enjoy that amazing Pom Juice, and rinse out the bottle.

Cut out a little hat with two slits that can go around the top of the bottle.

Draw a face, buttons

Cut out a strip of felt for a scarf to tie around the bottle between the bumps. I used an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of felt, I cut down the entire 11 inch side and it was the perfect length.

Fine Motor Snowman building

I set out a pile of cotton balls with the tweezers and showed my little ones how to hold the tweezers, pick up the cotton balls and plop them in the bottle, filling it to make a darling cottony white snowman! *If your little one is too small to be able to handle the tweezers you can hold your hand over theirs and help them or demonstrate them picking them up using the pincer grasp, between the pointer finger and thumb.

Be warned the cotton balls don’t come out very easily after they are in there but they make for a darling decoration when they are full!

Gross Motor- Snowman Shuffle

As your read each page get up and do the moves! What other moves can you do?


Happy snowman making!

xoxo Graceann

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