Activities for the Book: The Very Fluffy Kitty Papillon

The Very Fluffy Kitty Papillon is a magical story about a kitty that is so fluffy he floats! He goes on an adventure that helps him realize how good home is. A friendly little bird befriends him and helps him find his way home. My children have loved reading about Papillon over and over! They were thrilled with it came in their BookRoo Box this month!

If you missed out on this book from BookRoo here the is the link to get it on Amazon: The Very Fluffy Kitty Papillon. Wondering what on Earth BookRoo is? Check out my Review of this amazing book box! Use code CREATINGHH for 15% off!



Red Cloths Pin Bird

Make a red cloths pin bird! This is a really easy fun craft that your little one will love! I got this idea fromĀ but the site is not in English… so here is a picture of the finished product- just make yours red!

Cloths Pin Bird


-Red Paint– unless you buy the red clothspins

-Paint Brush

Cloths pins– this links to some in a pack on Amazon that are already RED! Bonus! So you don’t have to paint them!

-Red Feathers

-Tiny Googly eyes

-Orange/Yellow Construction paper -for the beak

-Elmers Glue


  • You can paint the cloths pins before hand and give them time to dry or have your little one do it and then let it dry and come back to finish. Make sure to have the part of the clothspin that pinches as the legs or bottom of the bird.
  • Glue on the feathers on the back or the handle you pinch
  • Glue on the googly eyes and a yellow triangle beak
  • Bam finished!

White Cat Puppet

Has your child ever played with a puppet? Oh it is magical to watch the first time they put their hand in and see that they are in control. I found this darling fluffy white kitty puppet, just like Papillon on Amazon

You may be asking what you are going to do with a white cat puppet? You are going to give your child the chance to act out a puppet show for you as you read the book. Using the puppet and the Red Clothspin Bird you just made! He can clip right onto Papillon! You can find a few other props at your house, hats to dress him in, a string for him to wrap around Papillon, a few scarier animals you may have (bear, crocodile, etc..)

You can make a puppet theater using two child size chairs with a blanket draped over or just let the room be their stage! Let the show begin!

Balloon Toss

Papillon is so fluffy he floats! blow up a white balloon and try to keep your Papillon balloon from touching the ground! You can toss it back and forth or take turns hitting it into the air!

You can use any color balloon but if you’re wanting to be authentic to the story here is a link to where you can get them on Amazon


Has your child ever been lost or felt alone? This book can help open the door to a conversation with your little one about those feelings, talking through the experience.

When you talk through tramatic events it helps children to make sense of them and overcome any trama from the experience because they see that their was a good ending. Always make sure to emphasize the happy ending. “You were lost and then you talked to that nice lady and she helped you find mommy, wasn’t that so happy when you found me?”

If your little one does not have a relatable experience that is great! take this opportunity to play the What If Game! Give your child scenarios and discuss what they should do if they were to ever get lost or not know where you were.

Cotton Ball Kitty Craft


This isn’t exactly how your Papillon will look, your will have white cotton balls glued all over! I adored this craft from

Here is the link to the instructions: Paper Plate Cat Skip the painting part and when it is finished glue white cotton balls on using elmers glue to give it the fluffy Pallion look.


I hope your days are filled with fluffy Papillon adventures!

xoxo Graceann

graceann mom


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