Max and Marla

by: Alexandra Boiger

I loved this book! It shows what it takes to be TRUE Olympians! The preparation, dedication, flexibility, and big dreams! This is the perfect introduction for your little one to the Winter Olympics!

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Book Activities

Fizzy Olympic Rings

Get a science activity in with these Baking Soda and Vinegar Olympic rings! Your kids will be amazed!

Fizzy Olympic Rings



  1. Mix a little bit of water into the Baking Soda to make it hold its shape.
  2. Form it into 6 rings on a tray.
  3. Mix Vinegar and the liquid watercolor or food coloring into the squeeze bottles.
  4. Let your little one squirt the vinegar mixture onto the rings to see the fizzing!

If your child is interested in the reaction- Explain that they react that way because they both have a lot of energy they want to get rid of! Baking soda is a base and vinegar is acidic. When they touch each other they give each other energy to create water and carbon dioxide (the bubbles).

For the full tutorial for making the Fizzy Rings visit

Olympic Ring Art

Get your smocks on and get ready for some Olympic Ring Art fun! This is just one example of how you can make Olympic rings! You could use toilet paper rolls, paper cups, a foam big gulp cup, cookie cutters even their little hand print to make the circle stamps. Having a blank canvas or construction paper and paints are a must!


Olympic Rings Handprint


olympic rings





Olympic Feats

See my post The Grizzy Bear Who Lost His GRRRR! To find lots of ideas of Olympic Feats that you can do in your living room! As well as directions for making medals for your games!

Ring Toss Rings


Olympic Facts

I had to share this fun idea from on her page she has a PDF of Olympic Facts to print on different colored paper, to match the colors of the Olympic rings. you cut out the facts in strips and staple them together to make a paper chain. Then as you are preparing for the Olympics and during the Olympics you can break off a piece of the chain and have a cool fact to share with your kids!

Olympic-countdown facts



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