Book Activities for: Our Love Grows

Our Love Grows is one of those books that you want to read to your child over and over! It is a sweet story of a mama and her baby. The mama shows that everything grows and gives example of how the baby has grown and her love for her baby as well. These activities will give you an opportunity to connect with your little one and tell them how much they are loved. Love this book!

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Drum roll….!

Make a Salt Dough Imprint

In the book one page says, “Your paw print was tiny in the snow, and every step was far to go.”

Having a Salt Dough Imprint of their tiny hand and foot will be a special keep sake that you can paint and display, turn into a Christmas ornament, use as a stepping stone… there are lots of fun things you can do with them! Since we are in the Christmas spirit this time of year here is a like to a recipe with a great tutorial video of how to make the dough and how you can make them into ornaments.

Click Here for Tutorial and Recipe From

Salt Dough Ornament

Get creative! Do their hands, feet, both! This is a great sensory activity for any age! Let those little ones get their hands messy! If they are timid at first model for them- show them how fun it can be to play with the dough, squish it, roll it out, paint it, etc.

This activity is wonderful developmentally using

Math Skills: weighing, measuring

Motor Skills: kneading, rolling, squeezing, poking, threading ornament

PHSE: The change to work independently- they can’t mess it up so just let it be theirs!

Creativity: painting, designing, molding, sculpting

Play Games

Through out the book there are different things mentioned that the little panda and his mama do together. Two of those things are Hide-and-Seek and singing their favorite song. So give your child you time and play with them. Play Peek-a-Boo or Hide-and-Seek. Sing a lullaby they love or a fun movement song. Some ideas: The Wheels on the Bus, You are my Sunshine, Skidamarink, Old McDonald Had a Farm, Baby Bumble Bee, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree or Jumping on the Bed, my children love Hymns so those are our go to- maybe your too?

Talk About Things You Love to do Together

Time to connect. Share memories you have with your little one. Say things like, “Do you remember when…?”, “I loved doing ____ with you! Wasn’t that fun?!”,  “What is your favorite thing to do?” (This prompt may need additional leading questions depending on your little ones age).

If your little one is not talking yet just lead the discussion. Look them in the eyes, ask the questions and give a second time where they would respond and then continue the conversation for them. Hold their hands or snuggle them while you are having this sweet moment.


Hopefully that gets your wheels turning and gives you ideas of how to further enjoy this beautiful little book!


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xoxo Graceann

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