Activities for the Book: This Little Hamster

As a parent I am constantly wondering if I am teaching my little ones everything they need to know! I mean honestly, there is so so much to teach them! Fortunately our babes come as little sponges- absorbing EVERYTHING! Our job is just to give them the materials and experiences so that they can absorb. Reading to your child is wonderful! You are already doing an A+ job just for doing that! (give yourself a pat on the back!)

Some of the things we stress about teaching are animals noises, shapes, numbers, letters, colors…¬†One thing I am firmly against, even with a Masters is Education is to Drill and Kill. It is just as bad as it sounds.. you drill, drill, drill these things we worry about teaching trying to help them memorize the info that it kills it for them. Rather then having an excitement for learning they are turned off and disengage. That is the complete opposite of what we want! For these little ones learning should be magical and discovered!

This Little Hamster does just that! It turns learning colors into a silly game of rhyming words and colors with ridiculously funny little hamsters. Good job BookRoo! What a great choice for the Board Book Box this month!

If you have a little baby or toddler give the BookRoo Board BookBox a try! You can see my Review of BookRoo and use promo code: CREATINGHH for 15% off! If you missed this months Book Box never fear! You can get it on AMAZON HERE


Color Sorting Activity

So because we don’t want to “drill and kill” our colors we are going to do some really fun things that just give exposure to different colors while giving them the opportunity to explore and do as much as they can. You will be surprised by how well your little ones do with this!


This is my little girl when she was 18 months old. I just got out the blocks and paper and she started doing it! I was amazed! {Sorry the photo is blurry… I stole this picture off my IG post from 3 years ago!}


Color Sorting

There are loads of different color sorting activities that you can do! Here is a link to my Pinterest Board for Color Sorting. You can find specific ideas there. Take a little inventory of what you have and could use. Here are a few links from Amazon of the things that my kids have had fun sorting if you are needing a little inspiration.

Pom Poms

depending on the age of your child you may want bigger so its harder to for them to put in their mouth. tweezers can be used by older kids to help practice their pincers grasp which will help them practice how to hold a pencil.

Mega Blocks-

These are a great toy to have! They are wonderful for color sorting! They can be stacked by color, enhancing the fine motor skill necessary.

Wooden Blocks-

These are excellent for color sorting and can also be used for math skills as your child grows

Large Colored Buttons-

These are wonderful for color sorting because they are different shapes, it adds another process they have to learn that even if things look different (shape) they can still be the same (color). Basically learning to sort objects by different categories. You can have them sort by shape with these buttons when you think they can handle it.

How to Introduce Color Sorting

Step 1: Have the activity setup, you can start off by reading This Little Hamster

Step 2: Start off by saying that you want to play a game!

Step 3: Start playing with the objects that you are going to sort. Get them excited and engaged!

Step 4: Start modeling how to sort. Pick up an object, say the name of the color and set it in a pile or space designated for it by a colored piece of paper, etc.

Step 5: Keep repeating this modeling. Your child will be watching you to see how to play. When they start becoming interested help them by saying, “Which one do you want to do?” let them pick up an object, say, “Where do you think that one goes? Lets put it by the ones that are the same color.” Yes you may be saying this to an 8 month old but I PROMISE they will be absorbing and learning. If they don’t know where to put it point to the right place, “Here are some like it!” Act excited and like this is the coolest thing in the world! if they are not able to put it where you have pointed just gently guide their hand and help them place it.

Remember this is not drill and kill. if they would rather just play or throw them that great too! You can still be identifying the colors by name as they pick them up. That will start exposing them to the names so they can make the connection of color names.

Identifying Colors / Practice Saying Names

Get back out those pom poms, blocks, random objects from your house (I would only use these when they are pretty proficient with sorting the same objects, adding shapes to the mix can be to overwhelming ), what ever you were sorting. and this time the game is to ask them to find a color for you. “Can you find a red block?” if they cannot quite do that, try holding up a red block and say, “Can you find a red block like this one?” when they find one prompt them to say the color, “R-E-D can you say red?”

Made-up Words that Rhyme with Colors

Toddlers will go crazy over this game! This Little Hamster lists three things that are each color in the form of a poem. Remember modeling is key here! Say a color “pink” and think of all the things that rhyme with that color.

“pink, ink, stink, think, mink, link, sink, tink, wink” as you start running out of ideas start making up words! “bink, gink, shink, chink, grink, flink, vink, zink..” The sillier and sillier you get the better! Get you little one to join in and take turns to see who can come up with the craziest words!


Remember make it engaging and let them discover! Its the best way to learn!

xoxo Graceann

graceann mom


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