Activities for the Book: Hungry Little Lizard

Hungry Little Lizard is a book every young child will adore! It takes you through a day in the life of a lizard and the bugs he finds to eat. The top half of the book lifts as he opens his mouth to gobble down his next course. Get excited for some buggy, lizardy, activities as we expound of this book!

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Very Hungry Lizard


Sensory, Fine Motor, Creative- Finger Paint Lizard

Ok this may get a little messy, like all the best things 🙂

Foot Print Lizard



Spread the finger paint on your little ones foot, print it on the paper.

Help your little one to draw the rest of the lizard using the finger paint. You can use the pictures in the book as a reference.

Discuss how lizards have eyes, ears, a tongue, mouth, legs, finger, etc just like they do!

Remember the point of this isn’t to make a masterpiece, it is to expose your child to finger paint and help they feel accomplished in the work they do. Celebrate whatever creation is make!

Fine Motor- Feeding your Lizard Flies

This activity is derived from an activity that posted for the book “The Mixed-Up Chameleon” it goes along perfectly with our book, “Hungry Little Lizard”

You can practice counting flies, strengthen those little hands as they squeeze the cloths pin, or if your little one is not quite ready for that show them how to pinch one at a time between their thumb and pointer finger with you counting as they drop them in.

Feed Your Lizard Flies

via buggyandbuddy.comFind the Printable and Instructions Here

Invitation to Play- Exploring Bugs

Setting out an assortment of materials that are related or not is a great way to foster imagination and creativity in little ones! No matter the age of your toddler-preschooler they will love this activity!

BUg Sensory Bin



  • Container filled with black beans
  • Bug Hunting Gear- The Dollar Store usually has things like this
  • Safari Ltd Insects TOOB


Fill the bin about half way full of Black Beans, spread the insects out in the beans. give your little one their hunting tools. Sit back and watch to see what they decide to do. With these kinds of activities its best not to give any examples or they will think that is the only way to play with the materials.

For extension activities visit


Enjoy the bugs and lizarding this book has to offer!

xoxo Graceann

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