The Grizzly Bear Who Lost His GRRRRR!

By Rob Biddulph


Anyone counting down the days to the Winter Olympics?! This is a perfect story to illustrate sportsmanship, honestly, forgiveness, friendship. All the things that make the Olympics, well… the Olympics! Fred, the grizzly bear, is the all-star in the Bear Games held in the forest until his GRRRR goes missing. Get ready for an unexpected chain of events that shows friendship and forgiveness are better then a gold medal.


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The Grizzly Bear Who Lost His GRRRRR!

Book Activities

Making Medals

Having your own Olympics is something your children will remember! It only happens every 2 years so make it count! Start by making your own Medals! These sparkly beauties are super easy to make and use (mostly) things you will have around your house.


Olympic Medals

This idea came from You can visit her site to get the entire tutorial.

Olympic Games

There were so many ideas for Olympic Games you can do at home with your kids! I put together some of may favorite that you can choose from.

Bear Olympics

In attempting to stay true to the book..


  • Dump out your laundry basket of unmatched socks, set a timer (~3 minutes), and race to see who can make the most matches!
  • Using¬†Water Beads make your own “lake”, find something they your little ones can “fish” for. Ideas for fish could be these little plastic Fish (from Amazon), large buttons, beads…

Picture via


  • Have a contest using the original method of hoola-hooping, time each person and see who can do it the longest. if doing it on your waist is tricky try your arm or leg! Mix it up!
  • Jump rope using the hoola-hoop by swinging it above your head.
  • If you have multiple hoops, you can set them up in a line and make an obstacle course out of them, jumping to the next one, doing high knees, jumping backwards, frog leaping, two foot jump, one foot jump…
  • Using¬†Plastic Toss Rings can make your obstacle course more legit! You can add to the tricks you can do as you go from ring to ring!
Ring Toss Rings


Scaring Humans

  • Play Hide-and-Seek! Mostly all ages can play this game! No prep required (huge bonus)!

Loudest GRRRRRR!

  • Popping Packaging Material! Give each person a square and see how fast they can pop all the bubbles! Jumping, pinching, sitting on are all allowed
  • Straw Wars. Give each person a straw and a blown up balloon. Race to see who can blow their balloon with their straw across the room the fastest!

Here are some other ideas if you want to extend your activities and take the Olympic Games to the next level!

Balloon Activities

Balloon Activities


Balloons are amazing! Children LOVE them, they don’t break anything when they bounce around your house, and usually you have some stuffed in a closet leftover from the most recent birthday party! If Winter has you doing lots of indoor activities check out 5 balloon activities shares that you can do right in your living room

Living Room Movement Activities

Over at they help you set up Olympics in your living room with different themes and the idea of doing daily activities during (or in prep for) the Olympics. Really get into it and just like the bears in the story do things that are appropriate for bears, do things that are appropriate for your little one.

Teaching about Sportsmanship, Forgiveness, Honesty, Friendship

You know your child better then anyone else. You know the things they struggle with, the things they are super good at and the things that they just have no clue about! Do a little mom evaluation and decide on one of these themes form the book that you want to highlight. You can highlight different ones each time you read it! Point out positive things your child does in that area and make goals for things to work on. The most important part of this one on one REAL TALK with your child is that you do it lovingly, with them looking in your eyes feeling your love for them.


Let the games begin!

xoxo Graceann

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