When Your Elephant Has The Sniffles

by Susanna Leonard Hill

Boy have we had the sniffles this winter! This book was timely for our house! This darling “how to” book gives directions of how to care for your elephant when he is sick, doing everything you can to keep him from sneezing! It gives lots of examples that translate easily for little ones to when they or another member of the family is sick, how they can care for them. All three of they children ages 4-1 give their stamp of approval and thoroughly enjoyed this book and these extension activities.

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Book Activities

Make Shadow Puppets

Ok think back many moons ago when you were little and were obsessed with shadow puppets! They are like the coolest ever, RIGHT?! Making shadow puppets come to life with your little one(s) will make YOU the coolest MOM EVER!

Remember the set up- dark room with a flash light (I used my IPhone) shining on a blank wall. You put your hands between the light and the wall to make shadows.. ok good.

Here is a cool chart to get the juices flowing and to help you get to that COOLEST MOM EVER status


via www.lemonharanguepie.com

And if you need more of an example here is a fun utube that teaches a few animals.


Playing Nurse

This was a hit at our house! Like I said even my 4 year old got into the fun! Each child chose a stuffed animal that they pretended had the sniffles. We got out the Dr kits, blankets, stories, cuddles, tissues and helped our teddy’s get feeling better. Including a visit to the “Dr”. Children love to nurture! To get ideas you can go through the book and use some of the ideas that is gives of how to care for your sick friend. This turned into an entire afternoon activity at our house!

pretend dr


Sit in the rocking chair or somewhere that you can rock back and forth with your little one. Ask your little one what they like when they are sick? If they aren’t verbal yet (or even if they are) take the chance to give them snuggles and tell them how much you love them. Tell them that when they aren’t feeling good you will be there to take care of them and help them get better. Create trust, and attachment with your little one. Help them feel safe and loved.


xoxo Graceann

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