Choo-Choo Colors

A brightly colored lift-the-flap book! This little train has a unique colorful load! Your little one will love lifting the flaps to discover what is hiding. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to introduce colors, work on color identification or practice both.

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Book Activities

These activities are based for ages 0-2, of course they can be modified to meet your child’s needs or developmental stage.

Practice Repeating Colors Names

Mom Reading to Children

Get ready to teach your child their colors! It’s all about repetition and involving as many of their senses as possible! As you read Choo-Choo Colors or any book for that matter take their little finger in your hand and help them point to a color. You say, “What color is that?” If your child is verbal they may know (huge praise if they get it right!) if they aren’t quite there yet verbally answer for them, “Blue” then ask them, “Can you say BLUE?”

Repeat this with all the colors or just choose one or two to work on at a time. HONESTLY- they will not have them all straight until they are between 2-3. But its that consistency, modeling and repetition that are vital for them at this young age!

Color Sorting Train (Color Identification)

This is my little girl a few years ago when she was about 19 months. I remember being mind blown that she could figure this out! Seriously this was all her!

Color Sorting

Back before cell phone photos were decent quality!

Set up a similar activity with your little one using any toys you have around the house and some colored paper. Model a few times for them how to pick up the object, say what color it is, and place it on the matching colored paper.

If this is showing to be difficult for your little one no sweat just join the game and do it with them, taking turns and not stressing or moving it if they put the object on the wrong paper! They will see that they don’t match and learn by doing.

Color Matching

Here is another way to work on color identification. Have an object that matches the color for each picture in the book – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Brown. Have the objects sitting next to you as you read the book. As you read each page ask, “Can you find the one that matches?” Again model the first time and just scaffold their learning to help them be successful. Loads of praise when they get it right and positive encouragement if they don’t.

Laundry Basket Train

Laundry Basket Train


Get moving with your little one! Turn your laundry basket into a train that gives your little one and the colored objects your been playing with a ride around the room! Make sure to say Choo-Choo!


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