This book is full of adventure caused by imagination! Buster is able to find an outlet BIG enough for his BIG IDEAS and saves the day when things get out of hand! He shares his imagination with his class in a way that helps them discover their own imaginations and see the fun involved in pretending!

If you’re like me and you have a hard time keeping up with your little ones imaginations this book will hit home for you and captivate your child!

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To  cultivate that imagination give your child a piece of paper and crayons, or if they can write a pencil and paper. See if they can make up a story similar to what happened to Buster and his big ideas. IF they start by imagining a dragon in your back yard ask them what will happen next?! What would their next BIG IDEA be? Go through an exciting adventure with them jumping from idea to idea! If they seem to be getting stuck jump in and take a turn with the next idea!

Make a Tent

Get out your extra King size sheet and create the gateway to imagination! A tent! It could be a cave, underwater, a hideout, the pirates ship, your dream house, a pet store… Get down and play pretend with your little ones! You will be amazed with the ideas they have and the things they can come up with! I use a King size sheet and these awesome clips I found at Lowes for like $3

We ended up being mostly baby kitties and lizards when we play in the tent at our house!

Painting with Veggies

Part of having BIG IDEAS is doing something that isn’t usually done, being creative. So bust out what ever veggies are in your fridge, cut them so that they can stamp, and let the magic begin! We used bell peppers, carrots, celery, zucchini, and broccoli. My kids loved it and had some amazing works of art by the end! If you are in need of some good WASHABLE paint  I can’t say enough good things about Discount School Supplies Colorations Paint!

Rocket to the Moon

Ready, Set, Blast off! Get your child and climb on into your rocket ship! Blast off for the Moon! When you get there you get out first and leap like there isn’t any gravity on the moon, tell them to come try walking on the moon! Make sure to put on your helmet and space suit! After a few minutes climb back into your rocket ship and explore another part of the moon! When you land have your child get out first, tell them to be careful because the moon can be hot, cold, squishy, pokey, have huge craters, or even be slippery! When they get out and start exploring ask them what its like?! Take turns discovering what the moon is like as you explore different parts!



xoxo Graceann

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