Bunny Slopes

Bunny Slopes came in our BookRoo box this month! It is an engaging interactive book where you are able to help an adventurous bunny on his skiing adventure!

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Simon Says

This is a simple activity that your child will LOVE! Take turns being “Simon” and giving directions to the other players. If you begin the instructions by saying, “Simon says” then everyone follows the instructions. If you do not say “Simon says” and go right into the instructions those who followed the instructions are out. Simon HAS to say “Simon says” in order for you to do it.

Visual Motor Activity- Tracing Down the Slope

This activity is a great way to practice fine motor skills, pre-writing skills, visual motor integration, and coordination.

What to do: get a foam board and different colored markers. Draw lines like ski tracks across the board. Gather action figures (my little guy preferred cars) or if you make a Pinecone Skier they are perfect! Prop the board up against the wall and show your child how to help your “skier” follow the path down the hill. to mix it up you can turn the board so the lines run horizontally like they are skiing across the mountain allowing for a great cross-midline activity.

This idea came from The Inspired Treehouse

Pinecone Skier

A fun craft you can do with your little one is to make a Pinecone Skier!

Via cbc.ca

For the full tutorial click here


Discussion about Order

In the book the bunny gives directions in a specific order. You can talk about other things that have to be done in a certain order like

  • Putting on your shoes (you have to put socks on first then shoes)
  • Brushing your teeth (toothpaste on before you brush)
  • Doing laundry (what happens if you put the cloths away before you dry them?)
  • Making a smoothie (if you put the frozen fruit in after you blended, it would be chunky and not taste right)

Think of examples that have an obviously bad effect. See what examples they can think of. Talk about the importance of following order and directions.


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