We are Better Together

We are Better Together

We are Better Together, and some things just are better together! Have an “ah-ha” experience with your child as they see all the things required to do some of their favorite things! This book opens the door for learning about how things work together to create something else.

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Our Family is Better Together- Discussion

It is so important for you little one to know that they are safe and loved. Having the security makes all the difference in the world to them and can help them in a number of areas: confidence, self-worth, trust, calm temperament..

After reading the book a few times I held my little ones head in my hands, looked in their eyes and told them how much I loved them. Talk about each person in your family (mommy, daddy, baby, brother, sister…) and give a reason why they are an important part of your family.

Some ideas of things to say:

  • “Our family wouldn’t be the same without ____”
  • “Isn’t it nice when ____ does ____”
  • “I love ______ about _____”
  • “Everyone in our family is so important!”

We are a Happy Family- Song

This little song came to mind when I read this book. You can change the words to whoever is in your family and even include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins- once you learn to tune just keep repeating the verses with different people. Children learn so well through music! Holding them on your lap, sway back and forth to the beat while you sing and if they are able to talk teach them the song too!

Do an Activity from the Book

Go through the book before hand and choose one of the activities that it talks about, grow a flower, wrap presents, making a cake, making a smoothie, building a sandcastle. gather the materials necessary to complete that task. After reading the book ask if they want to help you do the task you have chosen. Ask them what we need to do it, referring back to the page to talk about the role each material will play and why it is important.

Then get your hands messy as you let them of most of the work in putting the materials together. Let it be their project with you just there to assist them.

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