This book has so many little lessons! My kids loved reading about Bear and his love for jam! How he learns to branch out and try other food and even share his favorite, jam! The illustrations are precious and I just love how Bear lives with ducks! Such a fun twist! This book will have you opening the door to negotiate with your picky eaters or you can take it to any area that your child shows some stubborn tendency’s.

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Discussion: Try New Things Like Bear

(This isn’t so much an activity as just something to point out as you are reading the book) Tell your child something that you don’t like to do or eat. Ask them if they can think of something that they don’t like. Talk about and make a plan for you to both try what you don’t like and see if you like it or can find a different way to do it that you like!

My little boy prefers to wear his pajamas all day, so we talked about the importance of putting on appropriate cloths for the activities we are doing. For example, you wouldn’t wear a swim suit sledding! or a coat to the beach. Try to give silly examples of what ever you decide to work on so that they will laugh rather then fight you. You can always refer back to bears example of trying something new and that it really wasn’t that bad!

Make them feel important in helping you try something new. Tell them you will need their help and support! Work together like Bear and his duck friends to try new things!


Make Jam

This will be so much fun! A couple options for you here.

1. If you are not up for “really” making jam just let them mash up some berries (raspberries or strawberries) and sprinkle a like sugar in with them. It wont be “real” jam but it will be fun and tasty! 

2. Get some pectin from the store and follow the directions on making freezer jam! It really isn’t that hard, your kids can help with all the steps! You basically need pectin, sugar, fruit, water and freezer containers.

Practice Spreading Butter on Bread 

This is an easy activity that has multiple benefits for your little one! Give them a piece of bread, a butter knife and the butter dish and let them at it! You can model for them, doing it along side them, so they can see how you do it. This is great for fine motor skills, they are learning a life skill, and building confidence.

TIP: to make it a little easier toast the bread so it doesn’t crumble as they spread. If you have made jam they can put some on their buttered bread as well!

Try 3 New Fruits or Veggies

Take a little trip with your little one to the grocery store and let them help pick out a few veggies that look unfamiliar or that they haven’t tried. We had beets, guava, and purple cauliflower. Google the best way to cook them. Letting your little one help prepare the new dishes and try them all together! 

Plant a Seed

Get your hands dirty planting some wheat grass! If you don’t have a pot available a plastic cup works great! You can plant any seed but wheat grass grows really quickly and its almost impossible to get it to NOT grow! So win-win for your child! once it is planted, water it and cover the lid with plastic wrap to trap the moisture in- that will make a little green house for your seed! Place it in a warm, sunny spot and in a couple days you will have sprouts!

Activity Extension: This is a great chance to talk about the life cycle of a seed.

This video shows the growth from seed to plant (its really cool my kids watched it over and over!)

From here expand my showing them beans and the seeds inside!

xoxo Graceann


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