Animal Homes

Animal Homes is an interactive board book that asks the read which home belongs to each animal. The animals are ones that the child will have seen or been around so they have background knowledge to glean from and should be able to match each animal with its home.

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Child Reading


Why Do Animals have Different Homes

As you are reading the book with your little one ask, “Why do you think a fish needs to live in water?” or “Why is a birds house in a tree?” “What would happen in a hamster lived in a barn?” (similar questions for the other animals) their little wheels will turn and they may not have the right answer, just continue prompting them as you help them discover the answer. This little discussion will help them start to see why animals live in the homes they do.

Make Animal Noises

Go through each picture and make the sounds the animal makes. If they aren’t very good with their animal noises yet spend some time with them on each one repeating it, inviting them to make the noise.

Pretend to be Each Animal from the Book

My little girl who is now 4 used to always want to play family of kitties! I spent hours crawling around on the floor with her curling up in blankets and meowing! Pretend to be each animal from the book, bird, fish, cat, dog, horse, hamster. Swim, fly, crawl, gallop with your little one while you make the animal noise you have taught them.

Where do Other Animals Live?

Using stuffed animals, pictures, action figures, (what ever you have at your house in terms of other kinds of animals) go through and talk about that animal, where they live and what their homes are like. You can even make their noises!


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