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About Me

You are witnessing a miracle in the making here folks. This blog has been a prompting from God for the past 2 1/2 years. I have no idea why I am supposed to share my parenting journey with the cyber world but I am. I’ve felt prompted over and over that this was something I needed to do so here goes! 

My hope is that there may be something here that will help someone along on their parenting journey. Whether it’s something about homeschooling, running a home, how to take care of little ones, or the nudge you need to go on one more day as a mom getting spit up on, wiping poop, and picking up the same 20 toys over and over. 


Nate and I

 (OMG! I can’t believe this was 6 years ago?!)

The Beginning of My “Happily Ever After”

I am in my mid- to late twenty’s. (is that a thing? I’m 27 there ya go). I am the oldest of 8 children (yes, all from the same two parents, and yes, my parents are still happily married). So I grew up around children and helping my mom take care of them. I played lots of sports and did Miss America Pageants (shhh don’t tell anyone). I studied Early Childhood Education at BYU and LOVED IT!! I married the man of my dreams and love of my life (mushy I know) He wanted to do a PhD in BioChemistry so bam we ended up in Dallas Texas (He actually moved there before we got married) I taught Music (take what you can get)  in the Big D and Started a Masters in Education at A&M.


I Became a Mother

After a year of teaching had my first child a stinking cute, spunky little girl. I loved being a mom but man that baby girl was a spit fire and taught me so much! (yes, yes, I’ll share don’t worry) 


We had our Second Child

I finished my Masters right before I had a baby boy- those first 2 were 17 months apart and wow that was exciting and I praise all those who have children closer together then that because um ya I don’t think I will… (ya catch my drift. It was tough) However, I love how close they are and hope they are besties forever.


A Move and Baby #3

My husband finished his PhD (woot woot) and started Medical  School at the University of Utah so we moved back home to SLC and had baby #3 a darling baby boy who we adore. He is about to turn 1! (I have a love hate relationship with birthdays)


Mommy Blogger

Now it’s like you’ve watched me grow up and we are besties! My days consist of being a wife, a mom, homeschooling, teaching group fitness classes, trying to improve myself and come closer to God

 Send me a little message telling me about you or any questions you may have!

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