This is one of the cutest ABC books I have seen! The illustrations are dreamy! I love that there are dotted lines to help the little ones see the way the letters should be written. You can trace their little fingers across the bold chunky letters.

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Sensory- Sifting for Foam Letters

Letting your little one get their fingers dirty is an important part of helping their neuron transmitters to stay connected and firing! Sensory experiences trigger different parts of the brain and give needed stimulation. So even through you may be cleaning up a mess after you can rest assured that your child’s brain is healthier and stimulated due to your efforts. Its all worth it!

For this activity you can use any material that they can sift through. Rice, flour, sand, waterbeads are some common materials. For this activity I used Moon Sand! Its really easy to make and you most likely have the two ingredients sitting in your closets, flour and baby oil.


  • Flour
  • Baby Oil
  • Foam Letters
  • Organizer Container or big bowl


In an organizer container or big bowl

Mix 8 Cups of flour with 1 cup of baby oil

Knead it together to make a dough, it will stick together when you squeeze it

Mix in the foam letters and let your little one at it! As they uncover a letter and pull it out point to it and say the letter name and sound. just to start exposing them phonetically and get them started making the connections between letters and sounds.Letter Hunting

Sensory Play

I used magnetic letters because I brought this activity to do while we were out of town and that was what I grabbed to bring. However, the magnetic letters were hard to clean out (the moons and got stuck in the back of the letters) it wasn’t a huge deal but to make your life and clean up easier use the foam letters!

Sensory Tracing with Finger

In the sensory material you have just used to dig through looking for the foam letters or in a salt tray, spread it out and with your little one’s finger in your hand trace the alphabet in the material. Doing this stimulates multiple senses, touch, sight, auditory. As you trace the letters with them you can do capital and lowercase letters, just be sure to say “capital ____, lowercase____”. If this is something that you want to do often- it would be a good idea- you can order these Tactile Sandpaper Tracing Letters
They are great to have in your drawer ready to pull out and use mess free!

This is an example from

letter ni snow

Erase the ABC’s

This activity is wonderful because its super easy to set up, very educational, can be adapted to various levels, and gets your window clean during the fun!


  • Window or mirror
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Paper Towel


For the littlest ones you can write the letters on the window, give them a paper towel and just let them erase.

For pre-preschool you play seek and find by calling out a letter and seeing if they can find it in the ones you have written.

Preschool age children, give them the marker and call out a letter and see if they can write it. or hold up a flashcard so they have a reference. Then when you have lots of letters on the window call out a letter and see if they can find it to erase it.

window letter erasing



Enjoy introducing your little to the alphabet


graceann mom

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